A bunch of my prints for this round were printed on Ilfobrom that expired in 1971. I suspect Simon Galley might not have been too active in Ilford when that paper was made, but of course I'll send him the print.

Not to knock the present Ilford system, but I knew the expiry date because there was a little price sticker like label that said 'expired sept 1971' on the package. Ah, the good old days. Not like today when we look for patterns in scattered chicken bones tossed onto the box to figure out when your current paper stock is due to expire.

And Mary Jane gets one too, because my card this round is a goodbye send eulogy to HIE.

And Randy stays in the loop for getting this exchange happening to the level it has built to today.

Hats off to rst for keeping this round ticking.

All of my cards are in the mail.