Some of the students at Univ. of Akron's darkroom do not like to leave their prints on the screened drying racks. What I have seen them do is bring a roll of unprinted paper towels. They unroll the paper, lay the prints out with no overlap, roll the paper up and take the roll home. This all assumes the prints are not larger than the paper towel roll is wide. The students return in the next day or two with moist prints that they flatten and dry on a big Seal dry mount press, one of the 500 series that will do multiple small prints or a 20x24.

When I was in college the first time, 1960-64, Kodak offered a similar roll that I used for the same purpose. I had a B-22 Omega enlarger in my shared apartment, using the bath tub for final wash. For a whole year I never thought of ring around the tub.

Hope this helps.

John Powers