I've had just the best time with the new 4x5 LPL last night and moved straight into starting with printing FB. I'm using Ilford MGIV glossy and my testing for the dry-down factor (as per Les McClean's article on his website) ended up being about 10% (dektol 1:2, TF-4 fix). By chance anyone else using this enlarger and MGIV and a similar dry-down factor? Just wandering.

I toned the MGIV in selenium 1:10 (5 min but not at 75 deg F) and to my liking, it did very nicely. The paper went from the slightly warmish image tone to cool and with a nice increase in Dmax to help give the highlights a visual boost. Currently, I'm not a fan of the purplish image tone that selenium can provide with some papers (I think stronger dilutions of selenium also make stronger color shifts), so the change observed with MGIV to a simple cool with increased Dmax is wonderful.