Jason, unfortunately I don't have any piccies for you (it was a couple of years ago, in pre-digi era), but I can offer some insight into how I did it.

I had a rented apartment, with a small bathroom. I developed negs, and even made prints.

The options for neg developing are obvious: developing tank and a couple of bottles to hold chems at the proper temperature (in a holding/tempering bath, probably a pail/bucket or whatever was at hand)....

As for printmaking, I had a kind of wooden board (something like 2.5 ft x 3 ft, or something like that), which I would put over the bathtub, making a kind of platform, where I would place the trays.
The enlarger was placed on top of the washing machine, thus separating dry and wet side

Prints were washed in the bathtub or in the washbasin (bathroom sink) - shuffling them under stream of water every now anf then - no big deal...