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I wouldn't want anyone to go to allot of trouble, I'm getting a good idea from the verbal descriptions. I'm realizing that it's pretty much personal adaptation to available space. Some rooms are larger than others, etc..
well in that case....

basically all I do in this space is develop film and load my film holders. My darkroom is a long closet in the bedroom of my apartment. I dont have anywhere near the number of clothes it would take to fill it so I put the few "closet" items in an armoire that my parents gave me. The closet doorway doesnt have a door but I use a couple layers of black out cloth and some velcro attached to the wall and the cloth. With three layers I'm able to completely black out the closet area. I lined the entirety of the carpeted floor with some rolls of plastic flooring to guard against any spills and splashes. Built a large table top that is waist high so I have a large working space for the big grout trays I use for presoak/dev/stop/fix etc. There are some built in shelves that I've lined with plastic and store all my chemicals, boxes of film, etc etc on.
I use a huge spouted container (likely around 12 gallon capacity) and refill it so that I can fill my dev/stop/presoak.
It isn't pretty but it is functional.

"Coating printing area"
This is basically the bath room. I have a bunch of shelves along one of the short walls where I store all my pt/pd, gum, alt process chems/paper/supplies/and such. Theres a table in front of the toilet that I have a thick sheet of glass atop that I coat on while sitting atop the toilet lid. Again, not pretty, but its functional.

"processing area"
The kitchen and laundry room serve the duel purpose of being a kitchen and a processing area (don't worry I keep things well separated).
Theres a large 20x24+ print washer tray that I use for most washing etc. Along a half wall I have a set of those stout metal shelving units that I use the different shelves mainly for storing the big tubs of chems I buy and also for the multiple trays I use for clearing baths - one per each level and such.
Above the 20x24 washing tray I have a set of sturdy wooden shelves that I store the most used chems (pot oxalate, citric acid, gelatin, washing aid, various pyrex cups, and alot of other stuff.
lining all the walls and between kitchen shelves I have wire with loads and loads of clothespins for hanging paper to dry.
In the laundry room I have a thin narrow table that is about waist high that run alongside the washer and I've split the washer water feed into two and have one half going to the 20x24 oriental slot washer, along with the draining tubes going into the washing machines drain pipe. It works wonderfully and again, it isnt pretty but it works and is functional (noticing a theme here?)

so thats it in a nutshell J. Hope that helps.