I use a fairly large bathroom, but it is our only bathroom, so I have to be able to disassemble it. There are no windows, and a towel blocking the bottom of each of the two doors tends to make it dark enough for use.

For film developing, I just load in the bathroom, and develop in the kitchen.

For printing, my enlarger is on a rolling microwave cart, with paper safes below on the top shelf, and a large Rubbermaid tote on the bottom shelf.

For storage, things like the focus finder, the negative carriers, and the lenses are in plastic bins inside the tote, along with the safelights and my contact glass. The trimmer fits on the top of the tote. The whole unit rolls out to a lesser used hall when I'm not doing darkroom work.

Again for storage, the timer and the power supply are on the top shelf, along with a negative cleaner. They come off, and rest on a separate stool beside the cart when I work.

The trimmer tends to move to the counter while working.

With respect to the chemistry, I sometimes use tubes, and work with chemistry in the kitchen. In order to use trays, I needed something to adapt the bathtub. I ended up going to Home Depot and had them cut to size one of those long shelves designed for custom closets - the wire ones like this, only wider:


The shelf is just the right length to rest on the top of the tub, and because it is a wire shelf, and reasonably impervious to water, I can have my chemistry trays on top, and one of two wash trays (the first wash) on the floor of the tub, with the wash water flowing first into one tray, and then down into the second.

I have two clamp-on safelights - one for the end of the room nearest the enlarger, and the other near the tub. They both point up to the ceiling.

I store everything that doesn't fit on the cart or in the tote in a cupboard, or the hall closet.

I've photos of the bathroom when it isn't set up, and had planned to shoot a few showing the setup when it is operating the next time I'm able, but you said time was limited....

Hope this helps.