For 11x14s, I use my kids' bathroom in my house because its the largest in the house, for 8x10s or smaller I use my bathroom(no window) & break my back developing prints in the tub.

For the kids bathroom, I put a quilt & a sleeping bag over the window LOL! Yes its true. I set up the enlarger on the sink & have a 4' table that can hold 3 11x14 trays side by side, then I have a tray with hypo in the tub, or the second fixer tray if doing fiber. The shower head is a handhold type so I take it down & use it to do a first wash of the prints. Then I put the prints in another tray & carry into the kitchen(about 3 feet away) where I have 2 trays of hypo, selenium toner on the counter closest to the sink & the print washer in the kitchen sink. On the counter across from the sink, I have newspaper laid out where I put prints for a preliminary dry if fiber or if RC the final dry.

I pour my chemicals down the drain in the both tubs depending on which bathroom I'm using. I haven't noticed anything yet, but I haven't been doing this very long.
I'll post pics later using my son's digi cam.