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I am going to use a public darkroom for the first time to print and asked the facilities what equipment they had for drying FB prints and was told that they had none. It was suggested that I bring some form of plastic to lay the prints on and separate them with paper towels. I am concerned about lint issues and cracking of the emulsion. Any suggestions?

Hi Dave
I have this problem at work, we don't have good washing/drying/pressing for FB at the shop so do those steps at home. I give the prints a rinse then put them in a tray with a enough water to keep thing wet. I have used up to 16x20's in 16x20 trays. I then slip the tray in a plastic bag big enough for the tray and enough to fold the bag back over the tray. My commute is 25 miles ( one way ) and a ferry ride. I have never trusted blotters, blotter books or rolls and never trusted paper towels.

I have never had damaged prints or a leak.