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A working aperture arm??? What the heck is THAT all about?? What size film does the Sporti take, or is it general 35mm or 120/620 etc like the Holga?
the Sporti is 6x6 on 120 film with a lens which I think is just a little bit wider than standard for that format. It was not actually marked on my Sporti 6 but I think it was around 75mm. The lens on my 'new' Balda is 72mm, also on 6x6 format.

The thing I liked about my brief time with my Sporti was the fact that it easily fit into an inside jacket pocket and being mainly lightweight plastic, you couldn't really tell that it was there.

I think the 'working aperture arm' refers to the fact that the aperture selection on the Holga doesn't actually do anything.