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Shot some Forte 100 in the local park today (120 size) of fog, cedar trees, pond, other junk and would like to make the fog come out well. I'm thinking about Rodinal, 1+100 or Pyrocat HD, but can find no info re: times and agitation. Can you fellow APUGers help out? EI 100 spot meter.
All of my Fortepan experience is with Fortepan 400. However, I would expect that my Fomapan 100 numbers would give you a starting point for Fortepan 100..

With Pyrocat HD and Fomapan 100 I use the 1+1+100 dilution at 21 C.
1. 5 min presoak in 21C water.
2. 30 seconds of gentle agitation in the developer.
3. Stand without agitation for 7 minutes.
4. Agitate gently for 30 seconds.
5. Stand without agitation for 7 minutes.
6. Dump developer and rinse film in plain water at 21C.
7. Fix, Wash and dry