I was wondering what experiences people have had with proccessing sheet film (4x5 specifically) with hangers? And would there be issues with staining developers, specifically pyrocat? It's a lot of chemistry, and I don't think I'd want to do more than one batch of film per tank of developer (or would I?), but I did a few calculations and with 8 sheets per tank, it'd be about $00.20 a sheet, which isn't bad and the tanks (according the description at B&H) are supposed to hold 12 sheets.

I'm considering changing processing methods since my jobo isn't doing so well; the magnet came off, and got epoxied back on, but it's not quit straight so it pulls the magnets off the tanks, and I'm not exited about searching for spare parts. I'll cerntainly fix it, but I'd like to have other options on hand for sheet film.