The majority of my work is printed onto textured papers and I have more or less tried all of them. At the moment I am using the Foma 532 paper as it's the only one with variable contrast. The paper is quite heavy, although Foma describe it as a double weight paper, it isn't as heavy as Kentmere's Art Classic which was 240gsm.

The Foma 532 paper is very slow as it is aimed at contact workers, but I can live with that, makes burning/ dodging all that easier. The data sheet recommends contrast grades of 0,00 to 4

If you are looking for something triple weight and textured, pick up a pack of Bergger Prestige Fine Art Portrait Silver Supreme (too long a name!), it's a very impressive paper. Grade 2 or 2.5 roughly. When I show examples of both the Foma and Bergger papers, clients can't believe that it's actually a photograph..not that they know anything to start with!

The Bergger paper is a luxury item with a price tag to match... I'm very happy with the Foma. You may experience a dip in availablity with the foma paper as some suppliers are reporting the paper as discontinued, but I have been informed it will return very shortly.

The Foma paper is very creamy, whilst Bergger's paper is pure white or slighly warm as they describe it.