FILM HANGERS have been an industry standard way to develop sheet film in quantity for 50 years. It is a tried and proven professional method. The agitation and developer choice would have to be worked out based on your film choices. While the "standard" tank for 8x10 format hangers is 3.5 gallons, I have smaller tanks that hold less chemistry and (of course) take fewer hangers. In the 8x10 format hanger size, you can also get hangers that hold 4-sheets of 4x5, or 2-sheets of 5x7. This makes the 8x10 form factor quite flexible. If you get a set of tanks that will accept the 8x10 size, then you can acquire (on the used market) hangers for the other sizes also.

I have found, with b/w materials, that the pre-soak and agitation techniques can vary widely with different brands and emulsions of film. Some films require vigorous and frequent agitation cycles, while others can produce flaw-free development with minimal agitation. You will have to experiment a bit. As an example of this, with Forte 200 film, I find that after a water pre-soak (of 4 minutes with agitation from time-to-time) an initial constant agitation for 30 sec, then one lift and tilt per minute in the developer (HC-110b) will produce very nice flaw-free negs. On the other hand, with Foma 200 film (in HC-110e) after a 4-minute water pre-soak with frequent agitation, an initial agitation constantly of 45 seconds to a minute, followed with a lift and tilt x2, every 15 seconds is required to get streak free negs.