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Dancqu, Tell us about this corrugated material...?
Do you dry all your prints this way? Any clamping
or weighting involved? Thanks!
The best deal I've found for the material is at
www.forestry-suppliers.com . Search there for,
ventilators . If interested also search for, driers .
A dozen 12x18 ventilators are $8.65; plus S&H,
about $15. Good for 22 8x10s, 11 11x14s. I've
now 24 5x7s drying. Slow, I allow as much as
a week. No hurry high production here; slow
room temperature drying.

I've not bought any of the driers because it hit
upon me that some hydrophobic material would do
better. My prints are sponge dried both sides prior to
being sandwiched within the stack. On top rests 8
pounds of just the right size magazines; a few
more in the middle due to a slight warpage of
the moisture resistant corrugated board.

Corrugated stack dryers are hardly anything new.
Burke & James, Salthill, and others have manufactured
and Kodak marketed a corrugated roll-up dryer.

Archival Suppliers are another source. The herbarium
and plant press designation should not diswade Dan