I currently shoot 35mm (Nikon F80, Nikkor 28-105mm, 70-300mm ED, 50mm f1.8), primarily B&W landscapes but with a bit of Velvia and a few other subjects thrown in. I usually enlarge to 8x10 and any good ones that I'm lucky enough to get are blown up to 16x12.

I'm currently thinking of adding a medium format system to my kit to try and obtain better image quality. Specifically, I'm after clearer detail and better tonality. I don't find grain is too much of an issue at the moment. I started off on a Pentax S1a, so the lack of a TTL meter doesn't worry me overmuch. I don't feel ready to move up to a view camera.

I'm lusting after a Pentax 67 with mirror up (lovely optics, lighter than the competition (I'm not after a rangefinder), quite readily available, familiar layout, TTL view, etc.). However, even with prices tumbling on ebay and in the dealers, I'm still looking at the thick end of ukp 1000 for a body and a couple of lenses in good nick. That makes it unaffordable until late next year at the earliest. (Mamiya RB/RZ's and Bronica GS's don't flick my switch to the same extent and come in at around the same price (or more) anyway.)

Having read Ailsa's thread a while back, and needing interchangeable lenses (ever foot-zoomed a waterfall shot?!) I'm thinking that the other main option is a Mamiya C330. A good condition body and pair of lenses will set me back ukp 400 from a dealer with a guarantee, probably less on ebay. I could probably shake enough small change out of the sofa to have that in just a few months time.


1) Am I right to be looking to medium format for clearer detail and better tonality? The scans of medium and large format work in the APUG galleries and various comments on various threads seem to suggest I am, but all opinions are welcome on this!

2) Anyone used a C330 for landscapes? I've shot a few portraits on one and I understand they're favoured amongst studio and wedding shooters, but I don't know how good they'd be for landscape work.

3) How easy is it to switch your compositional eye between square and rectangular formats?

4) If it were your hard-earned money, would you save, wait and get the Pentax or shake the sofa and get a C330?

All contributions much appreciated.