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John, as long as you're monitoring this thread--do you think you could get Forte to come up with a high speed sheet film? I'm thinking of something like the old ASA 1000 Royal-X Pan or one of the modern 3200 speed films (which are really 800-1000 speed films) that only comes in 35mm and 120. This would be appealing to people doing handheld 4x5" and 5x7" work, ULF in the field, or available light portraiture, where speed is a big advantage, and grain isn't so much of an issue. There really isn't any film like this in the market in sheet sizes.
I'd strongly second that suggestion. I can get iso3200 polaroid print film, but there are no high-speed alternatives for 4x5. Check the archives of the large format site or graflex.org and you'll see that every few weeks, someone is either asking for high-speed LF film for exactly the reasons above, or on a wild goose chase for the best way to push film to those speeds.

If, as a test, you could arrange to have someone make a run of good quality iso3200 b&w film you could chop down to 4x5, I'd bet it would sell so quickly that it would justify making it a permanent inventory item.