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Maybe this has been answered before and if so I apologize for asking again. I recently started shooting my 8x20 and I want to post to the gallery some of my shots. I only have an Epson 4880 scanner and an old version of Photoshop (6).It does not have a merge function. If I scan half and half how would I merge them together? I know some of you photograph the mounted print and then post. I tried that and it sucked. Maybe it was me or my 5 meg digital camera. Should I do this outside in soft light? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Give me all of the details, remember ULF is S L O W. Thanks.

You could scan and stitch but for web posting it will probably be much easier, and just as good, to photograph the print with your digital camera. I am noit sure why this is not working for you with the digital camera. Make the shot in soft life. Just make sure to square off the camera relative to the print. If you put the print on an easel this will be pretty easy. If the light is low inside put the camera on a tripod. Import the file into Photoshop, downsize as needed for the web site (generally a maximum of 650 - 750 pixels in the long direction, desaturate and change to grayscale, convert from .psd to .jpeg, and post.

Sandy King