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Maybe this has been answered before and if so I apologize for asking again. I recently started shooting my 8x20 and I want to post to the gallery some of my shots. I only have an Epson 4880 scanner and an old version of Photoshop (6).It does not have a merge function. If I scan half and half how would I merge them together? I know some of you photograph the mounted print and then post. I tried that and it sucked. Maybe it was me or my 5 meg digital camera. Should I do this outside in soft light? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Give me all of the details, remember ULF is S L O W. Thanks.


The lighting course I took at U Akron last term was a mix of 4x5 transparencies and digital. This course was the first time I ever used a digital camera. For the project of shooting my own 7x17 prints for a show submission and posting here, I borrowed a 10.2 meg Canon Rebel xti from school. I pinned the matted 7x17 print to the wall. I set up two tungsten hot lights on light stands roughly five feet towards the camera from each side of the print. I put the camera on tripod pointing dead center on the image using about 85mm on the zoom lens. The instructor said any wider would diminish quality. Using an incident meter I adjusted the position of the lights so that I got the same reading, within .1, at all four corners of the image and the center. The camera was set for Tungsten lighting, ISO 200, producing RAW images. In Photoshop I cropped the images to 7x17 format. Remember that for posting here the images are less than 1 meg showing on a computer screen. They can't be the same quality as an 8x20 contact print. Hope this helps. You can see the results in my gallery here. http://www.apug.org/gallery/showgallery.php?ppuser=2308

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