Thanks, I do have a SinarP2 8x10 and a 360mm lens. I was actually thinking of that combination för shallow focus depth. I love the look of portraits taken with rather big lenses, but I guess that will be a hard one. I have used 4x5 for a long time so I been using the same materials for the past 15 years, so no worries there . I never done any serious portraits thats why I am asking. I did see a LF photographer using the string for a group picture with students standing on steps. He organized them into one row and used the string to touch each student on the shoulder so that everyone had the same distance to the camera. I like the string idea but last time I did it I messed up and focus was behind in the background I guess I have to practice how to say "Don't move" "Hold still" in different languages... how do you say that for example in Hindi, Arabic?