I'm goig to start using FB too (5X7). I just read the Ilford FB pdf and they only mention the dev/stop/fix/wash method. I'm sure there's an advanced reason for the two dev method. Why the two fix method? I don't have as much space in my darkroom. It's about 2ft. wide. I have 4 trays I use for my RC adventures. I would need to come up with a way to stack them to add more. I have enough space below my trays for a container of water to collect prints for the trip to the bathroom for washing.
Someone mentioned drying prints by one corner. I read about this on Lloyd Erlick's site (www.heylloyd.com). He says the key is the right tension on the clip to avoid teethmarks/dimples. He also has quite a bit written about the one tray method.
The Rat