This is what my supplier suggests in a newsletter today, I have no experience nor opinion and the prices are Australian Dollars:

<<Not all is lost though as there is a saviour.
Maco Rollei makes a superb IR film to match Kodak HIE

With an unfiltered speed of 400 ISO and a sensitivity of 820nm it is almost the direct equivalent.
This film is a high contrast, fine grain emulsion with excellent tonal range, and a resolving power of 160 Lp/mm.
In addition it is ideal for scanning.
Special halation effects are possible (the AURA effect) by using longer exposures.

Maco Rollei Infrared 35mm 36exp AUD Inc. Tax: $13.20
Maco Rollei Infrared 35mm 30m AUD Inc. Tax: $99.00
Maco Rollei Infrared 120m AUD Inc. Tax: $14.30
Maco -IR 820c 4x5 25sheet AUD Inc. Tax:$132.00>>