It looks like we should make some attempt to get this event organized. Lets try and firm up a date. As some may remember from the Michigan event, good food and good conversation is a significant factor in this kind of gathering. A good 356 Porsche friend, who manages a local country club, also runs the four day Greek Festival at his church in Akron, September 18-21. I have never had food in a US Greek restaurant that compared to the food prepared for this event. Besides that it is much cheaper than a restaurant. I would suggest some of us spend one day of our event in Akron including the festival and:

Architecturally the new Akron Art museum

Photographic collections the new photography wing at the Akron Art Museum

Entropy1 the 200 year old locks of the OH Erie canal,
four in one mile, oddly in Summit county

Entropy2 the waste of industry moved away with crumbling buildings and nasty neighborhoods, architecture and street photography. I'll rent out our dogs as body guards.

Dale Chihuly Glass-Contemporary Art Glass Sculpture at the Polymer School, University of Akron

So how do you feel about the week leading up to the weekend of September 18-21?

John Powers