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no one has mentioned enlargers... do you do your prints yourself? Have you budgeted for one (and lens) that will work with whatever you choose?
I do print my own using an LPL 7700 which will take anything from 35mm to 6x7 (one of the reasons why someone'll have to talk awfully fast to get me on to LF!). I would need an appropriate lens and carrier insert for whatever format. Good enlarger lenses aren't that expensive or hard to find on ebay or in dealers.

The insert (paradoxically, given it's just a piece of metal!) could be more of an issue; they don't appear that often secondhand and the only place I can find doing them is Jessops... ...and they want 50! It's do-able but my cheap nature seriously begrudges it when I could get an entire darkroom for that much now! :rolleyes: