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Alright Folks,

I know some of you are getting restless. So here's the summary as it stands. I will monitor it for one more month and then we have to move on. The first name on the list is the sender and the second is the recipient. The asterisk means that the sender sent the print.
  • BWKate* ---> abcpyro
  • Rjas ---> Justin
  • LightLeak ---> MattKing
  • Jorge Orte Tudela ---> SpiralCity
  • Marc Leest ---> UKJohn
So please update my update and let's make this round 100% complete. If, for whatever reason, the 4 people who haven't sent their print can't make and send a print, please send the print you have already received. Thanks.

Regards, Art.

Today I received 2 great prints from gphoto120 (Gary).
Meanwile I prepare a print for UKJohn (sorry for being late).
Will leave here this week,

regards, Marc