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What is the sales price of the company as advertised by Ilford? What in the way of plant and equipment would be up for sale? What is the position of the English government insofar as foreign ownership of an English company, does anyone know the answer to these questions?

It seems that this may be an opportunity to guarantee an availability of materials for our photographic community. Ilford has had decent materials over the years so it would appear that this would not require "reinventing the wheel" insofar as technology.
I have also been wondering this Donald. OTOH I also ask myself why these guys never moved their operation, or at least production line to a foreign country. Kodak has been taking advantage of China and Mexico for years, decades in the case of Mexico. Let me give you a small taste of salaries here. Minimum wage for workers....$150 USD per month, recent college graduate..$700 USD per month. People with 10 or 15 years of experience, will work for $2000 USD per month. China, from what I understand, is even worse.

SO the question is, did their sales really fell 23% or was it incompetent management? I know one thing, in Mexico you could not find Ilford film anywhere but in Mexico city. They did have a "team" going from state to state promoting their ink jet papers and inks, Unfortunatelly the quality of the prints they were showing was dismal. The ink jet prints from their competitors were far, far better.

Ah, heck....I guess there is no sense on crying over spilt milk.