Probably the most telling thing about the official Australian distributor of Ilford products, is to go to their website and type in the name Ilford.

You will not be able to find anything regarding film, B&W paper or chemicals, manufactured by Ilford and sold throughout the country.

If anyone is able to tell me how to do that, I would welcome the information.

Over the last few years I have been slowly purchasing Ilford product overseas as what I was after, isn't imported into the country as there is no demand according to the distributor.

I can understand that the importer needs to justify bringing in a product and that Ilford do make minimum carton requirements which can make it unprofitable for certain lines, but sometimes I'm amazed at what you cannot get.

I put a fair amount of paper through my little darkroom, and a fair amount of film through my cameras.

I just went through my Ilford purchases for the last 14 months. January the 1st 2007 through to February the 14th 2008.

I purchased in Australian dollars, $2,300.00 of Ilford paper and film from overseas.

In Australia itself, in my local camera shop, I spent $2,980.00 on Ilford paper and chemicals (mainly paper developer fixer).

The Ilford 4x5 film I purchase from overseas, is approximately 46% cheaper landed, than if I walk into any photographic store in Australia. For overseas people, in Australia, there is no discounting of any Ilford products by any retailer that I am aware of, which is fine. However as Ilford 4x5 film is so much more expensive locally compared to overseas, I no longer see the point of purchasing it locally.

This of course starts a never ending spiral of less and less local demand, which isn't good, but there is a price point and product range requirement for sustainability, that I don't think is being met too well by the local Ilford distributor.