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I don't want to get involved in scare mongering, but....

I work in a large college here in the UK, and have just placed our start of term order with Firstcall (large uk mail order firm). Included with that order was about 2000 (yes thousand!) worth of Ilford chemicals (multigrade dev, Hypam etc.) I ordered Ilford (as I always do) to show some support, and do my little bit to keep the company on it's feet.

I have just got of the phone from Firstcall, and they can't supply any Ilford materials because Ilford are putting everything on back order, with no firm date as to when they will supply!

Now I can't wait for Ilford, we have over 200 photography students wanting to get in the darkrooms, and I have no chemicals!! So I have had to take Paterson chemicals as a replacement! And I am sure we are not the only college in the same position!

This is all very good for Paterson, but I can't see how Ilford
are going to continue if they are loosing orders like this!

Same here--at work we put in an order about two weeks before Ilford made the first announcements, and we still haven't gotten it. The vendors have been real squirrelly about it. It was for about 3 cases of Warmtone RC, and a case of Ortho Plus 4x5. Yesterday we put in an order for $1200 worth of chemistry from them as well. That would cover a year's worth for our processor--we figured we'd better stockpile it.

OTOH--I also ordered 3 cases of kodak paper and got it delivered within a week. As well as almost $1000 worth of E6. We ordered 2 cases of polaroid 55 p/n and got those the fastest--within days of the order going through. Ilford has always been slow for us, so this is nothing new.

I figure I can skip the Ilford paper if it becomes a problem, but I need the film. Last year, I ordered the same amount and it took THREE months to get--so I'm not optimistic about the current order. It could be that we just go back to all Kodak, because they ship on time and the materials are cheaper for us than the Ilford contract. The warmtone paper was outrageously expensive--almost 40 dollars more per box than Kodak. I just don't get it really.

We've still been able to get our Ilford processor serviced because they outsourced all the tech support staff to another company a few years ago. That's the one saving grace in this whole thing--the fact that all those ex-Ilford techs are working for someone else and the parts are made outside of Ilford as well.