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Thanks for the support. I am slowly working my way towards a camera design that I think will work. Read about my ULF progress in the blog section.

I read your blog entry on your camera design project and and couldn't help but note your comment about standards in ULF. I have been quite concerned about the absence of standards as they apply to ULF film holders (see my thread in FEEDBACK and DISCUSSION on film holder standards), and by extension, ULF camera backs. More and more equipment choices have become available lately, as interest in ULF grows. New companies are sprouting, and people are now making their own, as you have decided to do. I personally would like to see some standards set so that we don't have to keep reinventing the wheel, constantly spending needlessly in order to adapt. If we all had cameras that used the same sized holders in the various formats, we wouldn't have to worry about rib lock alignment, T depth, or O.D. measurements, and we wouldn't have to send our camera backs out for re-machining. The resulting interchangeability of accessories would greatly reduce the cost of ULF, which is high enough already.

Sandy King has been generous enough to share his film holder specs with us. I would really like to see the community embrace them as the definitive standard.