Tim you are not alone in the outsourcing to India. Williams Sonoma announced to their employees last summer that they were going to save millions (short term) by outsourcing half the IT department. Thankfully hubby is above the line of those losing their jobs. Then the company was surprised that the people losing their jobs started looking for new ones. Many left as quickly as they could. Now they can't hire anyone for the jobs since the word is out that it would be a temp job for only a few months. When the graffiti showed up in the lobby by some of the disgruntled workers, they had to do damage control quickly. Supposedly they have been guaranteed a job at IBM who has the new contract to go to work for IBM. Yeah right. The job would probably be for IBM in India. Long term it is a stupid move. The company is too use to making changes when ever they want. With this new contract, the changes cost double, and are on the IBM time scale not the companies. It will in the long term to save millions cost them 10's of millions to maintain what they have now. So much for the long term.

When all is said and done, weren't companies working just fine before it became profits at any expense type mentality? When some analyst on wall street decided that a company had to make x amount of increase in profits or their stock was down graded and the word put out that they were failing. didn't matter the company grew and made a profit, it was just not the profit the wall street suits wanted to see. Ok rant over. My heart goes out to those at Ilford and this time of year. It is extremely hard no matter wat time of year, but this one is more so.