I've used Multigrade IV, Agfa Glossy, and Arista.EDU. Out of these, the Agfa is my favorite, mostly sue to it's tonality.

In Neutol WA, Agfa looks just perfect, .EDU has a neutral tone. very neutral.

In Agfa 120 (home mixed) .EDU can look anything from neutral cold (3 minutes) to Warm-Brownish (2 minutes, more exposure). However, with 2 minutes only, contrast takes a nose dive -- probably workable in good negatives, but I've only tested it in thin ones, and it's not forgiving at all. I've heard good things about how .EDU (and Forte Polygrade) tone, from Jorge and from people I know outside of APUG, so I intend on treating some prints in selenium whenever my darkroom is back in business (could be a few weeks).

Hope this helps,


BTW, use a squeege to take the excess water out of FB prints after the wash (I do this on all of my prints, even RC), and they will dry much flatter.