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To follow up my other thread on processing fiber paper, what are some of your thoughts on a good paper for us folks that want to "test the waters".

My thought would be to try the good stuff (which seems to be Ilford MG IV, if it is still available!) by buying a small box. On the other hand, I'm in this for the long hall and it sure is a better value to buy in quantity.

Does anyone care to weight in on some of the various suppliers of more affordable products such as Freestyle's Arista, EDU, J&C, Econozone Vesta, Ultrafine. Buying a pack of 100 sheets of these less expensive papers seems to make more sense, but I'd like to hear if anyone has tried them and if using them will help sway me toward using fiber over RC. Thanks.
The Arista.edu is very nice and the emulsion seems to be almost identical to the Forte. The base was a bit whiter though, so I don't know if it is the exact paper. I have been very happy with the Forte Elegance (Polygrage V) as well as the Kodak Polymax Fine Art. In warm tone the only one I really like is the Ilford, though I haven't tried all that is out there.