Not so fast, David. We're not through with you yet!
If you didn't want a complicated life, you wouldn't have a darkroom in the first place. Nonetheless, don't complicate your life with two, three, or seven bath developers--use VC fiber paper and use split filter exposure. With this method you will be very happy with one developer/time/temp. and can use your other complication credits on washing.
I use Kodak HypoClear. I don't wash prints in water after the second fix. I do wash the cleared prints in my vertical washer for an hour. My washer sits on 1" ply, cantilevered over the sink, to make room for the second fix, which I think is essential. The second fix minimizes transfer of silver salts, residual acid from the stop bath, and the rest of the chemical bouillabaisse that comes out of the first fix.
For toning, I place a second board over the developer and stop trays and place the tray of toner and one with water on top of that board, then wash, then hypoclear, then back into the washer for 1/2 hr.
Try these tips. You won't be disappointed, and you might be less confused, or at least less confused than I am!