I used Delta 100 last year (120 roll film) but will probably use Acros for its lower reciprocity failure next time. I might actually go crazy and use Provia or the like. As an experiment last year I took one shot on Fuji T64 with an 85B filter taped over the pinhole and it worked pretty well.

In 2005 I started with 4x5 HP5+, but I found it dropped my exposures to times that were too short to time accurately, so I snagged some Delta 100 to get times in the 8 to 25 second or so range.

Latitude may not be that important. With some reciprocity thrown in, 60 seconds may be only one stop over 25 seconds! Psychologically, it feels like "Yo Dude, you're frying this film" but it's only a stop.

(Pinhole stuff)