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To follow up my other thread on processing fiber paper, what are some of your thoughts on a good paper for us folks that want to "test the waters".
As I stated in the other thread, I use VC fiber paper. I am a BIG fan of Polymax Fine Art. It is very cold, crisp, and sharp. If I print on 5 different papers, I usually like the results of the PMFA the best. I use the FD flavor--glossy double weight. For 8x10 it comes in 25s and 100s. I use the split filter technique, variously described elsewhere. It prints very well with Dektol or Edwal Ultra Black. It tones a little with Selenium or Polytoner very dilute. Agfa is gone, Ilford is going. The Great Yellow Father is here to help! (That should stir up some hornets!)