Hi All,

Been shooting 8x10 for a couple of years now, and have been very happy with my contact prints and budding alt processes I have been trying, but yearning for something bigger. Currently I am looking at either a 7x17 or 12x20. . Both have a certain appeal, but I am still trying to decide which is the better format. Currently hanging a piece of paper of each size on the wall, trying to decide which is best, but I digress.

I have narrowed down the choice to either a new Ritter or Chamonix. Though in different ULF formats, I have been lucky to play with both, and they are both nice. Everyone has been raving about thier new Chamonix cameras and they certainly seem very nice. The only thing that has stopped me from getting the Chamonix is that it seems very difficult if not impossible to do verticals, whereas the Ritter can do it with ease. As well as the Ritter can easily accommodate different formats. I really don’t care about aesthetics, functionality is more important to me that looks.

If anybody has any advice or opinions I would love to hear them!

Thanks very much.