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Would for instance a more dillute fixer used
for a longer time be less agressive and
perhaps improve edge sharpness ?

I know you will say just try it and I will.
Try it. I regularly use fixer, film and prints, very dilute
one-shot. Processing 120, using 500ml solution volume,
20 ml of A. Thio. concentrate will do for most films.
That's 1:24. Likely any brand will yield the same
results. Slow though. Allow 10 minutes with
some regular agitation.

I won't make any claims for improved negatives.
Worth mentioning and in character with one-shot
chemistry are the very small amounts of byproducts
and their very great dilution. At 1:24 a film's retained
A. or S. Thiosulfate is minimal. An easy wash. Dan