You've got agitation and fill problems.

First off, did you look at the instruction sheet? If not, I've posted it in this thread--

Do you have the metal band? If not, your sheet may have slipped out during processing, and that could cause the extra density at the edge.

As for the blotchiness, it looks like you filled the tank too slowly initially. With pyro, which is prone to uneven staining, or with developers that have a really short developing time, I do the initial fill in the dark with the lid off, and then proceed as I normally would with a daylight tank with the lid on and lights on for the remaining steps. You don't say what developer you used, but since you say 1+1+100, I'm guessing its some variety of pyro. If you want to be even more even, then fill the tank first, drop the reel in, and then put on the lid, though I haven't found this necessary with PMK or ABC--I put the reel in, fill quickly, replace the lid, and turn on the lights.