To clarify and maybe explain some of the problems...
1. I use Pyrocat-MC, my standard developer.
2. There was no metal strap to come with it. Any idea of how a rubberband would work?
3. I filled the tank all the way full. And then poured some out. I estimate it took me 20 seconds to fill. I practiced this and found that if I tilt the can with the large portion of the opening facing down, it goes faster. It was slower to pour out.
4. I pre-wet the film for however long it took to mix the chemistry. About 3 min maybe? This is what I always do with 120 roll film in my paterson tanks.
5. I followed exactly the same procedure as I do with roll film. I think I will shoot five or six sheets of the same subject matter for practice.

I will try to agitate every minute instead. I thought that since it works like a charm for roll film with once every three minutes it would work for sheet film too. Oh well, we live and learn. I'm just looking for a solution that does not require electricity, or a motor of any kind. Usually they will break, while a stainless steel tank probably will outlast me. I like tray developing but get so many scratches and dings on the negs, even after practicing a whole year I cannot get scratch free negatives. And that's with FP4 and Tri-X film. Drives me nuts...

Thanks to everyone helping out so far.

- Thomas