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.... I dont know the digital situation in Australia...but certainly here in Mexico, film is alive and well in the small formats.
Australia has a very high "take-up" rate of new technologies. We're a bunch of gadget freaks! The ideal consumers, as far as the marketing gurus at Sony, Canon and Epson are concerned. The Kodak executive was probably being conservative when he said one in three households will have a digital camera of some sort by the end of the year (be that a digi-cam or a phone camera).

Film in the smaller formats is not "alive and well" here in Australia. In fact, the closest thing we had to a specialist minilab in town closed its doors for good last month. Apparently, they failed to take account of the rapid increase in digital image making when they put their business plan together last year. I don't think the other "drug store" labs will last much longer either - none of them are adapting adequately.

On the plus side for us, many pros that I speak to are migrating back to film. They are not being compensated for the time taken to proof digital images, so are now paying for labs to print their proofs from film - it's more cost effective.