When the film was announced I was curious because of the unbelievable promise that you can use it from 25 to 6400 ASA.

In the beginning, it was treated as an insider tip... "did you hear about...I have got some prototype rolls.... don't pass the secret...Shush!"

After some weeks I bought some rolls, bought the developers and found both very expensive.

I exposed 5 rolls, developed them exactly as described in the recommended magic potion. As a long-time Tmax user I am a stickler for detail when it comes to developing a film according to its specifications. Many years ago, I was an Ansel Adams devotee, used the zone system for a long time. I think I know how to read instructions and process a film exactly as recommended.

And then I compared the results with Tmax at 100 ASA and Tri-X (both processed in cheap Xtol 1:1).

What can I say? The promises that Maco/Rollei gave were unbelievable, and when I saw the results I actually stopped believing one word.

A Tmax 100, much cheaper than this Wonder Wart-Hog, beat the beloved all-round man at 100 ASA with ease. Good ol' Tri-X was sharper, had less grain, nicer tones, at 800 ASA.

It's like in all other types of business: never promise things that you can not keep.

But one thing astonishes me, even retrospective: how could the manufacturer's marketing achieve that a substandard product could cause such a stir? Do we all believe what we want to believe? For me, I hope it was the last time I payed dearly for overpraised (and overpriced) products.