I'm having trouble with why this situation happens...David or anyone, can you explain what's going on?

I have two bodies, a II and a III. The II came with a 50/3.5 Elmar. I later purchased a J3 and use it regularly with good results on the II body.

I later purchased a III body, then added a 90/4 Elmar which gives great results, but the distance scale does mount slightly past 12:00 toward the windows. The 50 Elmar gives good results when used on this body, but again the DOF/distance scale rotates slightly past straight up.

When I mount the J3 on the III, the distance scale goes around the mount almost to the baseplate....AND the rangefinder is WAY off in all directions???

Why does the J3 work on one body but not the other? Why do the two Leitz lenses work on both, but rotate slightly past straight up on the III?

Thanks, Jo