Having used FB paper for more than 3 years now I think it's time to improve my archival printing. My teacher showed me a method I will describe below but I would like to have some comment / tips as an addition.
I have ordered "the Print" from Ansel Adams but it hasn't arrived yet so I thought it might be useful starting here. Here we go:

1) Developer

2) Stop (just water, because the acid in for example Amaloco S10 is supposed to open up the fibers which makes it harder to get rid of the fix)

3) Fix 1 bath, dillution 1+3, 1 minute. Dillution so heavy so it does its job quicker and 1 minute so the fix does not penetrate the complete paper which would make it harder to wash out, if not entirely impossible.

4) Water to collect multiple prints in it.

5) Hypo Clearing to wash out the fix.

6) Selenium Toner, in order to enrich the black a little but mostly for archival purposes.

7) Hypo Clearing to wash out the toner

8) Rinse intensively with running water for like half an hour.

Would this be sufficient enough to do the trick or am I still missing something crucial here?
Do galeries generally ask for something as a Kodak certificate to prove your prints are archival-worthy enough?

My darkroom will soon be rebuild as my current one does not have running water and I have to go through a lot of hassle to wash my prints sufficiently.
Anybody maybe some advice on that?
Thanx in advance!