Step 2: remember to change this bath frequently and use a large volume
Step 3: use a two bath and keep track of the number of prints processed or test the bath frequently. There are tests for undisolved silver in the paper. Run a test strip once in a while.
Step 4: change this water on a regular basis and have a nice deep tub for lots of volume
Step 4.5 : rinse in clean water before HCA
Step 5.5: rinse in clean water AFTER HCA, 5 to 10 minutes, maybe more depending on flow rates and diffusion rate. Requires testing.
Step 7 : not necessary, that is what step 8 is for

Add a fixed but not developed test strip to your batches. This strip receives the same processing as prints in that batch and on it you perform the residual fixer test at the end of step 8.

The upshot is you should test your work flow after fixing for un-fixed silver and again at the end for residual fixer.

Next up, PE will beat me about the head and shoulders with a bag of hypo crystals...