OK, three things.

1) I'll tell you what I would LOVE to do, and I will tell you that I will be heartbroken if I see a Met or Guggenheim exibition that says "Gasteazoro: David's Idea". I would love to make a series of portaits of workers in China holding the everyday things we use that are made there. A little old woman, for example, holding up a Barbie doll in Mattel's Made In China Factory. If you take the idea and run with it...do it right. Large format, contact prints, take my breath away.

2) In 1999 I did a series of portraits of radio listeners that was really very good. I surprised myself. Black background, serious, holding up pieces of paper describing their listening habits. I would like to do that for other groups.

3) Lee, I was just in South Texas, checking out the missions around San Antonio. They are BEAUTIFUL. Old and still looking much more authentic than most of the California missions or San Blas, south of Tucson.