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I use this wash-method.
Optimum permanence for fibre based
There are several ways of achieving prints which will
have optimum permanence under long term storage
conditions. Essentially, prints must have minimum
levels of residual silver (adequately fixed) and
minimum levels of thiosulphate (adequately washed).
Where short fixing times can be given, the
following sequences give extremely low levels of
retained fixer and silver compounds. This is
achieved by the combination of a very short fixing
time and the use of ILFORD WASHAID. These
sequences replace the standard fixing and
washing sequence.
Optimum permanence sequence
Fixing ILFORD RAPID FIXER (1+4), 1min
intermittent agitation
First wash Fresh, running water 5min
Rinse ILFORD WASHAID (1+4), 10min
intermittent agitation
Final wash Fresh, running water 5min
Processing conditions: 18–24C/65–75F including
wash water.