Ian - very cool. I loved Machine Head.

And I have an ARP 2600 in my attic (well, third floor) as well. No cool names written on it as far as I can tell. As close as I have to a famous person is that my Prophet-5 is 10 serial numbers away from Peter Gabriel's P-5, both Series 1 machines with only 176 or so of them made.

I did get a set of official ARP patch sheets with it. My favorite one shows how to make that cool synth sound from Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein". Sadly, the VCO 1 on my 2600 is non-functioning at this time.

I'm not really a Korg person, but I do have an EX-800. And I'd love to get an MS-20 or 10. One of my favorite bands uses 3 of the new MS-2000s on stage - Ladytron. I just bought my tickets for when they come to the States this summer.

And while I'm at it, I've got a Roland D-50, a Minimoog, an Oberheim OB-8, and on indefinite loan from a friend, a Chroma (APR descendant) Polaris and a Yamaha DX-5 - a monster of a synth which is the equivalent of 2 DX-7s in one keyboard. It does the Taco Bell sound really well, but it just doesn't have that great vintage analog sound like the Jupiter-8, the OB-8, the Arp or the Minimoog. Oh yeah, and I have a LinnDrum LM-1, as heard in the Human League's "Don't you Want Me, Baby". Such a classic sounding drum machine - so distinctive.