Dear readers.
This is the last part of Venexia tour and will bring you outside of the town in a long stripe of sand that is the border of the lagoon. From that position you will discover uncommon vision of Venexia and laggon. You will take a day for this tour and with patience if you will go by boat and feet and with good legs if you will rent a bycicle to go on the streets of the Lido.
You will use the boat number 6 from S. Marco and others lines from others part of the towns, ask to the boat-information.
When you arrive in the Lido the best is, as told, to rent a bycicle or use, if I remember well the autobus, the stripe of sands is more than ten Km. This is the barrier between the sea and the lagoon where the Serenissima to protect the town from hig tides built the Murazzi. Thre are two ancient villages on this long island: San Nicoḷ in the north part and Malamocco in the center, but it will worth a visit the whole island because it is fascinating and above all because you will see Venexia from another perspective.
Tle Lido architecture is a mixing of a notable Liberty and some fascist regime buildings and ancient and modern fortress, some made by Venetian during the years and some made during last War. Ay the end of the stripe there is a little village: Alberoni, from that point you will see the entrance of the lagoon where the Serenissima Repubblica build defenses against invaders and you will have interesting and afscinating points of views. Malamocco is an ancient village in which you will find very nice atmoshere all along the streets (narrow) and the little squares and canals, it is a sort of a miniature of Venexia. Take your time in this village it will make you quiet, if you are hungry the "Locand da Scarso" will make you happy. Coming back to Lido and going to the north end of th island you will arrive in the San Nicoḷ village. Here you will find under some cypress a very old and magic place, it is the Jewish cemetery and near it there is the Protestan cemetery. There is also an interesting church and a monastery but the vision of Venexia from this point will capture your eyes. If you want more take a look of the ancient small airport near San Nicoḷ........all this stripe of sands called Lido will deserve beatiful visions and I hope interesting pictures.

Denis, a small surprise for Vic and you, if this weakening flu will let me before the week end I will be in Venexia, Saturday and Sunday, to obtain my bonus: a glass of wine together in Venexia
Take contact with me if you want.