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I think Tim's comments are pretty much on the mark. Now if Fuji could just make FP100C in 4x5" and 8x10" sheet formats that would be ideal, at least for proofing.

I did try a couple of transfers with the FP100C once and got something, but it just wasn't as easy as with 669/59/809. With the demise of Polaroid, there's a bit more incentive to experiment with it. Maybe it would transfer better with more heat, for example.
Interesting thing I found the other day - on MegaPerls they actually *have* FP-100C in 4x5 format (FP-100C45) - so, it appears to be a Japan-only product (as well as FP-100B45 and an FP-500B45, which doesn't seem to be available in regular pack size). I wonder if that had to do with their licensing agreement with Polaroid - otherwise that seems a waste not to sell in the rest of the world.