Hi all,

Reading this thread got me thinking about my contact printing practice, since I sometimes get soft areas, especially highlights. I'm not sure whether it's lack of contact or distance from light source. I use my dichroic enlarger for,light, but have been using it about a foot from the print. I also only use a piece of 1/4 inch glass, not a frame. I just did a test with racking the enlarger head about 4 feet from the print and using bulldog clips to add pressure to the sandwich, and the prints look better, but not by a lot. I'll wait til tomorrow to see them dry and compare. Why would the distance from the light source affect sharpness? Is this tru only of a diffused light? ALso, what does the fact of softness in the highlights mean? All of the above refers to 8x10 contact prints on fiber paper, Kent Bromide and EMaks, btw, deved in PF-130. Thanks in advance,