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More questions. Does the B&W produce a negative? is it any good?
There is no separable negative like you get with 55 or 665.

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What are the exposure characteristics of these films? Are the 100s true 100s? I understand the color is more tolerant of long exposures than Polaroid. True? How long?

The 100 stuff is 100, bang on the money in my experience. It is excellent proofing material. I have also been impressed with the colour 100, the 400, the 3000, all of them seem to rate [almost] exactly at box speed. Actually there is much less ambiguity on this than with the Polaroid films. I also found it a nuisance with polaroid to have to convert an ISO 80 proof to an ISO 100 exposure etc.

Long exposures: I have done seconds to many seconds with 400b and 3000b with no apparent problems. My attitude on that is kind of blase, though; if I don't get what I want I just dial in a longer exposure and reshoot. Matching reciprocities could be computed, in principle. Anyway I think I've done ~8 sec exposures with 3000b (pinhole!) and also some rather long, multisecond exposures with the fp100c, no problems. I don't recall trying fp100b over more than a second or two but certainly ~ 1 second should be no problem. Short answer: no guarantees, but I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.